Sunday, May 8, 2011

Food & Water Watch

As of today our supporters across the country have donated over $15,000 to help us ramp up our campaign to ban fracking, and now it's time to take action. We need your help to stop a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corp. from taking massive amounts of water from a tributary of the Delaware River. Please act now to protect a drinking water supply for 15 million people from ExxonMobil's gas drilling.
The Delaware River Basin Commission is set to vote on Wednesday, May 11th, on whether or not to issue a permit to a subsidiary of ExxonMobil to withdraw up to 250,000 gallons of water a day from a stream in New York. It looks like they're moving forward with this, even though the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing is still in place. The commission has already received over 35,000 comments opposing fracking, so it's astonishing that they're even considering this permit. It's really important that the commission hear from us again before they vote next Wednesday. Can you submit a comment opposing ExxonMobil's water permit?

Approving this application would be disastrous for Oguaga Creek and the Delaware River and there are a lot of unanswered questions about the larger impacts of this water withdrawal. The commission and New York state have not addressed how removing this much water would affect trout, water quality and downstream water supplies, and they haven't had a public hearing yet either. Add your voice to those opposing putting ExxonMobil's interests ahead of ours. 

Your governor has a say in this approval because he is part of the Delaware River Basin Commission. Let him know that you want him to protect the watershed and not give away our water to corporations. Don't wait; the vote is Wednesday!

Thanks for taking action,

Karina Wilkinson
Regional Organizer
Food & Water Watch

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