Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Empire: Ball Strikes Critical Tone on Fracking

"Republican State Senator Greg Ball of Patterson just sent out a notice about his tour of Pennsylvania with anti-hydrofracking activist and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox."

"Check out the long list of “tour findings” he says he expects to raise next week and in the debate about fracking in Albany:"

  • "No presumption of causation by the companies, they seem to be able to easily deny damages to water, soil, lost value of property and lost productivity."

  • "Absence of environmental impact analysis process"

  • "No disclosures or warning statements on lease agreements concerning the financial, health and environmental risks of hydrofracking."

  • "Lack of full disclosure of past violations and spills by companies."

  • "Seemingly aggressive unethical sales practices used by the companies “land man” to encourage land owners to sign leases."

  • "Lack of sharing of information on contamination between land owners."

  • "Lack of air quality and social monitoring."

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