Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fox on Fox


Fox Business News- reporting on a blatantly butchered video - trying to propagate the idea that director Josh Fox of Gasland used censorship in his film. When asked whether he was in contact with the oil and gas companies, Phelim Mcaleer, of this website-
http://fightgaslandcensorship.com/ and not evil just wrong did not seem entirely comfortable in his response. 

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  1. Paraphrased statement by a friend.

    The thermogenic gas fingerprinted by the PA DEP in Dimock, PA wells is from the Marcellus Shale, it was so serious they ordered a water pipeline built from miles away to Carter Road. It is the gas that has a specific finger print because of it's age. Thermal maturation of carbon happens, that's what creates natural gas from coal and it was covered by the New York Times. An agency that SUPPORTS gas drilling found that methane gets into water wells from the well casings failing. Well casings are made of cement and there are no studies on the cement they're using that prove they will hold up over time.