Friday, May 27, 2011

Hydrofracking Poll: New York Splits

NY Daily News Article Here: 

"Here's the latest poll from NY1/YNN/Marist on the always-controversial issue of hydrofracking. Upshot:  "New Yorkers divide on the issue. 41% oppose hydrofracking while 38% support it. A notable 21% are unsure... Regionally, there’s no majority on either side of the ledger. 47% of those upstate are against hydrofracking while 37% support it. 39% in NYC oppose the process while 35% favor it. However, in the suburbs of NYC, 46% are for hydrofracking while 36% are against it. There are partisan differences on this question. While pluralities of Democrats -- 47% -- and non-enrolled voters -- 46% -- oppose the process, nearly half of Republicans -- 49%-- support it.""

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